What is Message Point Web?

Message Point TV is a game changing turn-key subscription service that provides everything you need to leverage the attention-grabbing power of HD Television to get your message heard and retained.  There are no gotchas and no unbudgeted surprises.

Message Point TV Service includes all the major components you need to deliver your own HD Television Network.  Explore the different parts of the service below:

Message Point TV includes everything you need to deploy your own Private Network HD Television Screens. Your monthly subscription includes:

40 to 60 Inch Full HD LED Backlit Monitor

High Performance
Quad Core Display Controller with 8 GB Cache

Articulated Pivoting Wall or Ceiling Mount

Professional Installation

Best of all you are protected from any expense for maintenance or equipment replacement for as long as you have your service. If any equipment fails, we repair or replace it at no additional cost as part of your service.

Even though you may never need to interact with it, Message Point TV is built on top of a simple to use and state of the art cloud software platform. This platform provides many great benefits including:

  • Ease of Use

    If you want to make changes or manage your own channels, you can do so from anywhere using a simple drag and drop web-based interface. No more need for a PhD in computer science or broadcast engineering to manage your own TV network. We even provide free step-by-step video based training on how to use our powerful platform.

  • Reliable Connectivity

    Each controller runs an agent that communicates with our central control server over your existing Internet connection. New images, video and content are pushed one time to your controller and stored in local cache for as long as they are needed. This means content only has to be sent one time, minimizing any impact on your Internet performance, even for dozens of screens. It also means that if your Internet connection should go offline, your Message Point TV can go right on working for you without any interruption.

  • Cloud Enabled

    Our robust software can assemble multi-segment content channels from dozens of different local and cloud-based data sources.

    Import content from your own website and a google calendar, and then wrap it with up to the minute news and traffic? Check!

    Import video from your YouTube channel and overlay it with agenda information from an online spreadsheet? Check!

    Create a dynamic collage from the images on an Instagram channel and run scrolling real-time announcements next to it? Check!

    Our solution is Private TV for the Internet Age.

We work with you to distill exactly what messages and information you want to convey to your audience. Then we work with you to develop channel layouts, and content (including graphics and video) that maximizes your audience’s engagement and retention of your message. We build channels that fit your brand and image while grabbing and holding the attention of your viewers.

We take all the day-to-day work out of maintaining your Message Point TV network so you can focus on the message. We schedule content to be automatically added and removed when you specify.

We can setup unique channels for a month, week, day, or even a single hour. Want a special channel that only runs from 8-9 AM on Mondays? We can take care of that for you.

Submitting new content to your Message Point TV service is as easy as emailing our support desk with the content, along with where and when you want it to run. What could be simpler. Of course if you want to load it yourself, we never lock you out of the system.

Unlike providers that sell you hardware and software, and then charge you by the hour every time you have a question or a problem, all your ongoing support is included in your MessagePoint TV service. If you have questions, or if anything isn’t working properly one call or email to our helpdesk is all it takes to get us to work solving your problem. Whether we can fix it remotely, or we need to send a technician onsite to replace equipment, all your support and maintenance is included for as long as you keep your service.

Explore a few of the key reasons why Message Point TV is changing the way organizations look at using TV to get their message heard and retained.

Nothing To Buy!

Message Point TV is a Turn-Key Solution with No Hardware or Software to buy again and again.

We Take Care of All the Details!

From designing the layout, to content management, to support; you can just focus on your message.

We Have the Expertise!

You don’t need internet, broadcast, or graphic design experts to product jaw dropping results.

We Keep it Fresh!

With literally dozens of content sources to add to your network, we can keep your audience engaged.

We Bring it All Together!

We can liberate the data that is locked in your existing systems and present it in a way that gets attention.

We Make it Yours!

From look and feel to layout, each client’s solution has a unique look and feel that matches your identity, not ours.

Message Point TV can help organizations of all types meet a variety of messaging challenges.

Scroll down to review some different ways you can leverage the power of Message Point TV to get your message heard and retained.

Need Great Content To Get Your Message Heard?

We got you covered!  Message Point Digital Media services can help you create great content at an affordable cost.  You can even leverage content from our dozens of existing libraries and campaigns instead of creating your own.

Don’t worry though, you’re never obligated to use us for your content… We can use whatever content you send us!

We’re just here if you need us to get your message heard and retained.

So How Much Does All This Cost?

Every project is different and can include things like optional content feeds, add-on services, and larger screen sizes, but below we have included information on the four basic MessagePoint TV Service Plans.

Bring Your Own Screen

For Clients Who Just Want the Basics and Already Have Their Own Screens
$79 per Month
  • MP150 4 Core 720p Media Cloud Controller
  • Up to MPtv 4 Channels
  • MPtv Cloud Platform
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Cloud Content Engine
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Content Management
  • 12×5 Technical Support
  • Onsite and Remote Maintenance

Just the Basics

For Clients Who Just Want the Core MPtv Service to Deliver Basic Messaging
$99 per Month
  • MP150 4 Core 720p Media Cloud Controller
  • 40 Inch 1080p HD Display Unit
  • Articulated Wall Mount
  • Up to 4 MPtv Channels
  • MPtv Cloud Platform
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Cloud Content Engine
  • Local Weather
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Standard Professional Installation
  • Content Management
  • 12×5 Technical Support
  • Onsite and Remote Maintenance

Need a Really Big Screen?

If You Need to Make a Really Big Impact, How About a Video Wall?
$499 per Month
  • MP1000 12 Core 8K Media Cloud Controller
  • Six 40 Inch 1080p HD Display Units
  • Video Wall Mount
  • Up to 12 MPtv Channels
  • MPtv Cloud Platform
  • 30 GB Storage
  • Cloud Content Engine
  • Dynamic Video & Animation Engine
  • Dynamic Data Engine
  • Social Media Engine
  • Message Point News Network
  • Local Weather
  • WiFi & Ethernet Connectivity
  • Advanced Professional Installation
  • Content Management
  • 12×5 Technical Support
  • Onsite and Remote Maintenance

Alabama Offices

(205) 453-4280

2229 1st Avenue South, Suite 225
Birmingham, AL 35233

Mississippi Offices

(601) 653-SIGN

1230 Raymond Rd
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