What is Message Point Social?

Message Point TV is a game changing turn-key subscription service that provides everything you need to leverage the attention-grabbing power of HD Television to get your message heard and retained.  There are no gotchas and no unbudgeted surprises.

Message Point TV Service includes all the major components you need to deliver your own HD Television Network.  Explore the different parts of the service below:

We help you craft a consistent presence across all of your social media profiles. We emphasize your brand and message in things like Profile Images, Profile Information, and Cover/Banner Images. We make sure you’re your visitor’s first impression on social media is a great impression.

We can help you create great social media content that helps attract followers and builds your trust factor. We don’t just blindly post third party content that doesn’t have anything to do with your business, we help you create fresh and original content that serves your message.

Great content is just the start though. When is the best time to post on each network, and how often should you be posting? We can take care of all these details for you to maximize engagement with your audience while avoiding being perceived as a spammer or bad actor.

Want to use Social Media as a tool to reach new customers or clients? We can help you navigate the complicated world of Social Media Marketing to maximize your return on whatever you want to spend on paid marketing.

Explore a few of the key reasons why Message Point Social is changing the way organizations look at using Social Media to get their message heard and retained.

Nothing To Buy!

Message Point Social is a Turn-Key Solution… We provide all the tools, solutions, and experience to make you a success.

We Take Care of All the Details!

From designing the layout, to content management, to support; you can just focus on your message.

We Have the Expertise!

You don’t need internet, social media, or graphic design experts to product outstanding results.

We Keep it Fresh!

We help transform knowledge and content you already have into a regular stream of effective social media communications.

We Reach Your Desired Audience!

Whoever the ideal audience is that you are trying to reach, we can help you identify the right content, networks, and schedule to reach them.

We Make it Yours!

From look and feel to layout, each client’s solution has a unique look and feel that matches your identity, not ours.

Message Point Social can help organizations of all types meet a variety of social media messaging challenges.

Scroll down to review some different ways you can leverage the power of Message Point Social to get your message heard and retained.

Add 3 Sections Below:

Set It Up Right – Profile Setup

Keep it Updated – Social Media Management

Make It Work For You – Social Media Marketing

Then Add Social Hub Plugin When Social Media is Popping for MPM Below That

Need Great Content To Get Your Message Heard?

We got you covered!  Message Point Digital Media services can help you create great content at an affordable cost.  You can even leverage content from our dozens of existing libraries and campaigns instead of creating your own.

Don’t worry though, you’re never obligated to use us for your content… We can use whatever content you send us!

We’re just here if you need us to get your message heard and retained.

So How Much Does All This Cost?

Every project is different and can include things like optional content feeds, add-on services, and larger screen sizes, but below we have included information on the four basic MessagePoint TV Service Plans.

Bring Your Own Screen

For Clients Who Just Want the Basics and Already Have Their Own Screens
$79 per Month
  • MP150 4 Core 720p Media Cloud Controller
  • Up to MPtv 4 Channels
  • MPtv Cloud Platform
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Cloud Content Engine
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Content Management
  • 12×5 Technical Support
  • Onsite and Remote Maintenance

Just the Basics

For Clients Who Just Want the Core MPtv Service to Deliver Basic Messaging
$99 per Month
  • MP150 4 Core 720p Media Cloud Controller
  • 40 Inch 1080p HD Display Unit
  • Articulated Wall Mount
  • Up to 4 MPtv Channels
  • MPtv Cloud Platform
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Cloud Content Engine
  • Local Weather
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Standard Professional Installation
  • Content Management
  • 12×5 Technical Support
  • Onsite and Remote Maintenance

Alabama Offices

(205) 453-4280

2229 1st Avenue South, Suite 225
Birmingham, AL 35233

Mississippi Offices

(601) 653-SIGN

1230 Raymond Rd
Jackson, MS 39204