Leveraging the Ancient Brain to Connect in a Modern World

The surrounding we human find ourselves in today is far removed from the surrounding we evolved in hundreds of thousands of years ago. Much like an old operating system attempting to run new software there are a variety of problems arising as humans try to connect with each other in the digital age. The OS in question is not the advanced part of our brains responsible for the creation of math, science, and language. Rather it is the primitive region hidden behind the brain that guides much of human behavior. For the modern marketer it is this reticular activating system, that developed to keep us safe from predators, which is the most important to understand.

The reticular activating system is responsible for telling people what is deserving of their attention.  As humans, our greatest asset is our capability for pattern recognition. Our affinity for pattern recognition is so great that hollow masks, when rotated, actually appear to have a forward facing face on each side. It is in this interesting human quirk that the secret to powerful marketing messages makes itself known. Once the brain recognizes a pattern as a pattern it lowers the pattern on its list of priorities and seeks to make sense of other stimuli in the environment. When companies seek to communicate with their audience, the static and the ordinary are their worst enemies. Unfortunately as you move through urban areas you may have, though probably not, noticed that those adjectives describe the majority of the advertisements on display.

So what is the secret to taking advantage of the reticular activating system with marketing messages? The answer is novelty. The reticular activating system is constantly looking for changes in the environment. When walking through the woods our brains are hardwired to hone in on the shrubbery that is rustling. When your business is seeking to create walk by advertising it is pivotal that you make it dynamic as possible. A digital sign with moving parts will greatly increase your marketing ROI.

Digital signage technologies like MessagePoint.tv allows you to deliver interactive and dynamic messages in a very short period of time. The dynamic nature of digital signage constantly draws attention from its intended audience. As the text scrolls across the screen, it requires active participation from its viewership. The aesthetics of the digital sign also does not clash with its surroundings, and adds value to the experience of the audience.

Image Courtesy Carol Calvert – Fine Art America