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Job Opening – Deployment Technician

Job Summary:


We are a fast growing creative technology driven LCD/LED Digital Signage Company, which makes us a bit different from your average I.T. reseller or support organization. We manufacture our own displays. We develop our own software. We create Video, Images, and Animations for Signage Content. We install and maintain the signage networks we deploy for companies of all sizes from Local to Fortune 1000 Multi-Nationals in industries like Transportation, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Public Sector.



Our day to day environment requires a highly diverse mix of skills from Electronics and traditional Computer Hardware to Mobile Device Management to Handyman type skills for installations.


Because of this it is rare to get a candidate for our entry level Technical positions who has any experience in our industry. As such, we fully expect to train the candidate to be successful in the role. It also means this is a role where it is not necessary to have formal education or specific job experience in I.T. For this role we are valuing passion, personality, and aptitude over prior employment experience.


What is necessary to be selected, is that you must be 100% Dependable, Organized, Quick Thinking, Fast Learning, and have a real passion for technology. You also must have excellent customer service skills and communication ability. You must be willing to be a team player and do your part to ensure our team delivers world class support and service for our clients. It doesn’t hurt to be a bit of a geek as well.


This can be an ideal first job in I.T. for someone who loves technology and wants to turn their hobby into a career. It can also be great for someone who wants to break out of a confined help desk, technology retail, or other I.T. job where you don’t feel like you have the ability to be challenged, grow, and learn new things.



Potential Valuable Experience for this position:


  • Building or Repairing PCs
  • Network Cabling
  • Repairing / Modifying Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Robotics / Maker Labs
  • Website Building / HTML Programming
  • Audio / Video / Car Stereo Installation
  • Open Source Software



Job Requirements:


  • Reliable Transportation
  • Ability to Follow Directions and Procedures
  • Good Oral and Written Communication Skills
  • Troubleshooting Skills
  • Positive Client Interaction
  • Basic Mechanical Ability
  • Assemble, test, or maintain circuitry or electronic components
  • General Knowledge of Internet and IP Networking
  • Provide customer support and education, working with users to determine sources of problems, or to provide information on product use.
  • Perform Upgrades or preventative maintenance procedures for components, equipment, parts, or systems
  • Adjust or replace defective or improperly functioning circuitry or electronics components, using hand tools.
  • Willing to do some day travel to client sites outside the Birmingham Metro area and occasional overnight travel.


This is an entry-level opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a company that is expanding rapidly on the national stage. We expect that not only will you have the opportunity to transition to full-time if you demonstrate your value, but the opportunity exists for a great candidate to grow with the organization to more senior and specialized positions, or to even create their own position in the company.


At this stage we are willing to be flexible in regards to schedule, so this opportunity could be a good match for students or for those who want to take on an additional position to supplement another part-time job.


We are interested to hear what you can bring to our team!