How to Grow without Losing Connection with your Team

Most companies start with the intention of growing.

After they have started they continue to use growth as a metric to measure performance. Unfortunately as companies grow the problems grow with them. One of the key determinants of success is how well a company communicates internally. When a company is small and the founders work in the same room of the same office every day this is not too much of an issue, but as thing progress and the company’s presence now spans several states and even countries a massive breakdown in communication can occur.

As companies grow in size there needs to be a way to ensure that all the employees stay on the same page. Often times when employees are part of a large organization they can forget that they are a small part of a larger whole. The values that are passed down from the top can be lost before they get an opportunity to reach their intended target. An organization doesn’t have to be particularly large in order to run into this type of problem. When studying span of control we see that a jump from 4 employees to 8 employees results in 1000 new interactions.

This raises many issues for firms, as the traditional methods of communication cease to be as effective. E-mail inboxes quickly become cluttered, regular conference calls quickly become tedious and making sure the message gets to the appropriate recipients quickly becomes exhausting. In situations where communication is so strained, employers can expect a drop off in enthusiasm, loyalty, and productivity. This is especially the case when dealing with employees who spend a great deal of time away from their desk servicing customers.

bwwb_teamThis is an issue where digital signage technologies like can make life a lot easier. Digital signage allows companies to synchronize the messages need to convey to employees in a visible and clearly understandable way. Whether it is key performance indicators, quotas, or the mission statement, employees will be forced to take notice of the message. It also allows for the message to be conveyed frequently while not hassling the employee about it. Employees can often forget about things covered in meeting or told in passing, because they are so focused on doing their jobs.

Channels and content can be customized for specific departments as well as different scenarios. The marketing department may have a dashboard that displays several KPI’s such as ROI or the engagement rates of social media campaigns. The operation’s department would look differently. They may want to keep track of how many units are being produced compared to staff or operating hours. These channels can be combined with a more general message about your company.

All together, this creates enough flexibility with the content that you can create a private television network for your firm. A networks like this can be used to display pertinent information company wide effectively and rapidly. Adopting a few of these techniques can do a lot to help ensure that the company’s values travel across borderlines as it does. is a managed private network TV service that provides all the tools, support, content, and equipment organizations of any size need to create their own private TV network starting at $79 / Month.  Find out more about this innovative service!