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What Makes Us Different?
How is Message Point Media different from other ways you can use digital signage and digital media to get your message across?

About us

Message Point Media was formed, and spent the first three years of it’s existence, delivering digital signage in the 
same two ways other digital signage companies do today. We call these two methods the Self Purchase Model 
and the Advertising Sponsored Model. Message Point Media knows these models well, and in fact we 
still have some customers and markets where those models make sense.
However for a huge set of clients these two models, along with the third choice of the Do-It-Yourself Model, failed 
to meet their needs in one or more of the key dimensions we call the Five C’s.


Art Direction Digital, UI & UX Design Brand Identity


Art Direction Digital, UI & UX Design Brand Identity


Art Direction Digital, UI & UX Design Brand Identity


Art Direction Digital, UI & UX Design Brand Identity


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Roll Out

Description of step6

Hello, my name is Maria Guerra, I
Finance Manager
Hello, my name is Megan Star, I
Hello, my name is Peter Swar, I
Creative Director
Hello, my name is Nathalie Brown, I

Business Solution

We realized that what leaders of all different types of organizations wanted was a solution that excelled in all five of these dimensions. A solution that would answer the entire messaging need without all the downsides of the other existing models. Oh and they wanted it at a simple affordable and budgetable monthly investment. “Message Point”, MPM’s cloud based MessagePoint.tv Service was built to answer this call.

The 5 C's

In the sections below we will explore how MessagePoint.tv beats the other traditional models in each of the 5 C’s, but first let’s cover the four models in more detail.

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

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