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Why choose us as your partner?
Message Point Media was founded to be a different kind of visual communications company. Guided by a nationally recognized pioneer of the managed technology services industry, we started with a simple question:

“Why do so many digital communications projects fail to deliver?”

We believe that the answer usually traces back to an organizational deficit in one or more of the key skillsets required to design and maintain today’s complex interconnected systems. Buying and installing equipment or software is the easy part! Getting it connected to all your information, staying up to date with technology, and keeping the system constantly fed with compelling visual content that demands attention is where it gets hard. 

That’s where we come in, we ROCK at those things…

Born in the modern connected digital era, we design our solutions to be flexible, agile, and reliable. We live for new challenges, and we only hire people who love what they do. We believe our services should adapt to your organization, not the other way around. We play nice with your other vendors, and we don’t point fingers. Our success is tied to your success, and your mission becomes our mission. 

It’s a different kind of partnership, but one that our clients come to count on. We operate like an extension of our client’s teams, and we look forward to becoming a part of yours.
Example Industries We Serve

While we can help nearly any type of organizations improve their messaging and communications, below are examples of some of the major types of clients that we serve

Passenger Information & Wayfinding

Public Transportation

Today's passengers expect easy access to real time travel information. From Mass Transit to Intermodal Terminals and Airports MP.TV Delivers. Real Time HD Signage Indoors or Outdoors, On Vehicles, even Solar Powered Off-Grid Stops and Shelters, We've Got You Covered!

Public Information

Municipal Government

Citizens expect clear and easy access to information from their government entities. MP.TV offers a broad suite of solutions from city hall to parks and libraries to display real-time information and get your message out to your constituents.

Safety & Employee Engagement

Corporate Communications

Trying to reach your employees can be a never-ending challenge. Especially for entities like manufacturing or utilities where many employees don't have a company provided e-Mail device. We can help you make the connection!

Product Information & Upselling

Hospitality and Retail

There is no doubt anymore than digital signage and menus deliver results in hospitality and retail, but many entities have yet to deploy it due to fears about management and fresh content. We can take those worries off your hands and make this powerful tool work for your business!

MPM Manages Display Networks For:
 We take pride Below is just a sampling of the great organizations that depend on MessagePoint.TV
to connect with their staff, customers, visitors, and students.
Why Trust MessagePoint

Lots of companies say they can handle complex digital signage networks and visual application development, why should we be your first call?


Message Point Is Independently Audited for Information Security and Controls Annually

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this is an onsite CPA audit of over 150 criteria for business process and information security controls...  A rare accomplishment for any service organization of our size, just ask your existing service providers if they have this credential!

Message Point Media has Screens Under Management in...

of the top 50 MSAs in the U.S.

but we don't only support big city clients, we support networks in dozens of smaller communities as well!

Our Leadership Team has Decades of Experience in Technology, Graphic Design, Development, and Managed Services

Years of Industry Experience

and that's just our leadership team...  we have a great team as well and the best partners in the industry

4628 Montevallo Road Suite 204 Birmingham, AL 35210, USA

(844) 4My-Sign

Headquarters: +1 (205) 719-5000 Jackson, MS: +1 (601) 653-Sign Dallas, TX: +1 (469) 299-8900

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